Ceramic Coatings


Ceramic Coatings are nanotechnology and a chemical solution that can be applied and bonds to your vehicles paint, windows, trim, leather and wheels, to produce an extremely hard coating,  Professional coatings are among the best protection you can have applied to your vehicle, they can also be applied over wraps and PPF and increase the resale value of your vehicle. 



Chemical and UV protection: Fireball coatings offer protection from harsh chemicals and acidic contamination like bug matter, bird droppings, acidic rain as well as offering extreme protection from UV rays making your paint last longer from fading and oxidation.

Water-spot Resistance: Due to the ceramic coatings being hydrophobic water-spots almost never dry to the surface as water evaporates rather than drying to the surface, this reduces the chance of water spot etching.  However ceramic is not perfect and harsh water minerals can still cause hard water spots to form. 

Micro-Scratch Protection: Fireball ceramic coatings are 4 to 5 times harder than the traditional clear coat on a vehicle, this makes it harder for swirls and scratches to take place and resistant to minor scuffs. 

Enhanced Hydrophobic properties: Our coatings offer immense water beading at a contact angle of 170 degrees making water extremely repellant, with water rolling right off the paint it makes it much harder for dirt and grime to stick onto the surface. 


Self-Cleaning Abilities:  Fireball ceramic coatings are the market leaders in SiO2 content, SiO2 is extremely hard, water repellant, and slick giving your paint self-cleaning abilities like no other coatings on the market. 

Enhanced Gloss: Fireball ceramics enhances the reflective properties of your vehicles paint giving it a much deeper gloss and unmatched clarity. 

fireball c8_edited.jpg


 - 1 Year Coating

Starting at $600


Over 70% SiO2

Extremely Slick

Super Hydrophobic 

Added Depth & Gloss


 - 2 Year Coating

Starting at $800


Over 75% SiO2

High Chemical Resistance

Great Self-Cleaning

Intense Clarity

Devils Blood

 - 3 Year Coating

Starting at $1000

Over 80% SiO2

Added Scratch Protection

Extremely Hard

Added Chemical Resistance

Devils Blood

 - 4-5 Year Coating


Starting at $1200

Devils Blood_edited.png

Multi-Layer Coating

Highest Level Of Depth & Gloss

Extremely Slick & Hydrophobic

Over 82% SiO2

Devils Blood_edited1_edited.png